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Ms D's Precocious Preschoolers 2018

Age Requirement: 30 - 36 months old to start

Jan 2, 2018  -  Oct 2, 2018

M-F  8:30am - 4:00pm

Breakfast: Must arrive at 7:55am

DISMISSAL:  4:15pm

Perfect Beginner Class

1:4 Class Ratio

*Graduation Celebration Sept 28th place and time TBA


$260 Security Deposit  plus

Option A:  9 equal payments of $515 = $4,635  

Option B:  36 equal payments of $160 = $5,760


Qualifying Security Deposit Refunds returned Nov 15th 2018

IRS Tax Childcare Form is sent Jan 7th 2019

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Registration is Now Open!

SOME of the things the Precocious Preschoolers Learn and Do:

Say ABC's  (also begin letter recognition)

Recognize Shapes

Recognize Colors

Numbers (count to 50, count objects, begin number recognition)

Days of the Week





Sharing and Caring

Imagine That

Magical Manners

Following Directions

Walking Feet

Contemplation Station

Using Your Words

Taking Turns

Story Time

Eating Etiquette

Name Recognition (theirs)

Busy Brains and Fixed Feet

Name Recital (theirs and parents)

Cover Your Sneeze Please

Washing Hands

Independent Toileting

Independence (shoes and coat etc)

Music Mania

Singing and Dancing

Scissor Skills

Holding Crayons, Markers, etc

Color, Paint, Glue, Play-Doh

Arts and Crafts

LOTS of Small Motor Activities

Inside Group and Individual Play

Outside Group and Individual Play

LOTS of Large Motor Activities